About Us


Our community is built on the foundation of creating opportunities forged by our passions. We understand that these opportunities may not always come gift-wrapped or readily apparent, but we encourage each other to seek them out, to create them, and to seize them with unwavering resolve. Whether you are a creator, an entrepreneur, an athlete, or a dreamer with a vision yet to be realized, know that you are welcome here

Our founder Kellen, was part of the K9 unit for the majority of his career in Law Enforcement.  In 2016, a dog in his unit was shot and killed during an operation.  At that time, these working dogs did not have ballistic vests due to the "cost."  After this incident, a former member of the Special Operations community started asking questions about why our dogs did not have the proper equipment required in order to protect them.  It was at that point he started the Krijger Vest Campaign within Spikes K9 fund.  Spikes K9 fund is a non-profit that outfits dogs across the country with ballistic vests and other necessary equipment needed in order to carry out their missions safely.  Kellen's K9, Duke, was the recipient of a vest that protected him for the six years that he worked. 


At Wild South, our mission is giving back to equip working dogs with ballistic vests and other tools they need to excel in their vital roles. We are driven by a deep commitment to ensuring the safety, well-being, and performance of these remarkable animals who selflessly serve alongside their human counterparts. A portion of every sale is donated to Spikes K9 Fund to ensure these dogs receive the equipment needed in order to carry out their missions safely.